Prefab homes have become common in the housing industry.

\Most of the people are choosing prefab houses over traditionally built houses over the construction site.

There are multiple benefits of prefab houses. Prefab houses help in completing the house construction process quickly.

Prefab houses also offer flexibility in home designs. So, now homeowners can work with modern home designs.

With the assistance of prefab houses, homeowners do not have to spend extra time and energy on the construction of the house.

But it requires a lot of investment. Prefab houses offer many benefits at a good price.

Price of the Prefab Houses

When a person wants to buy prefab houses for the speedy construction of their house,

they should be ready to pay $250 per square foot.

There are also many other people who get near to $200, but there are many other people who will charge innocent homeowners over $300 as well as $400.

Traditionally constructed modern houses cost far less than these prefab houses. A stick-built house would cost from $125 to $150.

Following are some of the top reasons that make prefab houses more expensive than traditional houses:

a. Costs of the Management of Prefab Facility

A prefab facility is a warehouse where prefab houses are constructed.

The staff of the Company is greater in numbers than the workers on the main construction of the house.

There are also many other factors such as utility bills, maintenance bills, and equipment bills including the salary of the staff.

Common site-built homes, which are built by construction builders, do not have to pay any of these bills.

b. Profit of Manufacturing Company

House manufacturing companies reap a lot of benefits from the construction of prefab houses.

So, they charge a profit over the price of a prefab house. So, prefab houses are an expensive option.

c. Delivery of the House

The delivery of the house is quite expensive, which is why prefab houses are expensive.

A single crane costs $10k. The costs increase when the distance between the manufacturing company and the prefab house is long. Most manufacturing companies decide the crew, cranes, and home settings officers.

These people are not available for free.

d. Reseller and Architect Fee

These are the fees charged by the architect or reseller. This fee can be as huge as $30,000.

So, homeowners have to agree to pay if they want to purchase prefab houses.


These are some of the top reasons why prefab houses are so expensive.

Delivery, reseller fees, profit charged by manufacturing companies, and the utility bills of prefab manufacturing houses are causing factors of expensive rates of prefab houses.