Curious real estate buyers question real estate agents regarding prefab houses.

Most home buyers prefer prefab houses due to their amazing benefits.

Prefab homes offer quicker construction without any hassles.

Prefab homes come with many benefits that a stick-built regular house does not offer.

Prefab houses are the best options among all prefabricated houses available.

Prefab houses are also considered as regular houses – not seen as mobile vehicles.

Some Fun Facts of Prefab Houses

Following are some of the exciting fun facts about the prefab houses:

  • Architects can build the prefab houses on the crawl spaces as well as basements.
  • Prefab houses are also durable and solid. So, they can withstand high-speed winds up to 170km per hour.
  • Prefab houses are an eco-friendly option.
  • You do not have to pay any extra fees for the construction of prefab houses. These houses cost as much as stick-built houses.
  • Home loans for prefab houses are also available.
  • Homeowners can also avail of home insurance for prefab houses.  

One of the greatest features of prefab homes is that they are cheap. Prefab houses are an economic option for homebuyers who cannot otherwise afford to build a house.

Following are some of the reasons why prefab homes are so cheap:

1.   Same Manufacturer

The same manufacturer builds prefab homes. Prefab homes are difficult.

Homeowners have to hire a prefab homes manufacturer for setting up the house.

So, it costs less than a stick-built house.

2. Offered At Affordable Prices

Since factories purchase the prefab homes’ material in bulk, prefab houses are available at affordable prices.

Homeowners can get a prefab house at 10% to 20% lower rates.

Factories also have partnerships with raw material providers.

They purchase at low prices and make products in assembly line. This is why prefab homes are so cheap.

3. Off-Site Construction of the House

The off-site construction of the house cuts down the entire costs of building a house by 30%.

So, homeowners make a good deal by purchasing the prefab houses.

Those companies, which construct high-quality and custom buildings, offer houses at quite affordable rates.

4. Costs of the Prefab Home per Square Foot

A prefab house costs $50 to $75 per square foot. On the other hand, a stick-built house costs $1500 per square foot.


So, we come to the conclusion that prefab houses are cheaper than stick-built houses.