If you are unable to search for a house of your dreams for buying purposes, maybe you should build one for yourself.

In this case, you must choose between a prefab house and stick-built houses.

By stick-built houses, we mean traditionally built houses in an old-fashioned way.

Workers construct the stick-built house on site. The construction of a stick-built house takes a good many months.

After construction of the stick-built house, the utilities facilities setup begins.

So, prefab houses process takes ages. On the other hand, a prefab house consists of pre-built parts.

Material Used for Construction of Prefab Houses

Multiple types of houses use different materials for the construction of prefab houses.

The material of the prefab homes varies according to the type of house constructed.

Following materials used for the construction of prefab houses is given:

a. Traditional Wooden Prefab Houses

A prefabricated house utilizes the same material as the site-constructed house.

Frame floors, roof, and walls are wooden.

The only difference between a traditional prefab house and a modular house is that a traditional wooden house is an on-site house construction whereas a prefab house is constructed on an off-site location.

b. Houses Made Of the Brick

However, there are also some modular homes, which consist of the stone and brick exteriors, pitched roofs,

and granite counters. Designers construct and design the modular houses according to a perimeter basement or foundation.  

So, brick or stone prefab houses consist of the same material as does the stick-built house.

c. Materials for the Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are prefab houses that move with the assistance of a steel chassis.

Mobile homes move freely around. There are multiple designs of mobile homes available. Off-site construction is the main term used for mobile homes.

Installation of the Prefab Houses

There are different types of prefab houses. Each house type has its unique installation methods.

Prefab houses consist of sections, which are quite durable and solid.

They are shifted from off-site location to the on-site location using cranes and a crew of workers.

Workers install the sections of prefab house, and make a house. Then, workers finish the construction of the prefab house.

Conclusion: New Construction Methods of the Prefab Houses

Prefab housing manufacturers are devising new methods of the construction of prefab houses.

For instance, new methods of cross-laminated timber frames are popular modular house designs.