Though there are multiple benefits of the prefab house, homeowners will have to face various challenges.

Prefab houses are a quick, fast-paced, and convenient option for house construction.

Due to their benefits, the market for prefabricated homes has grown exponentially.

The growth rate of prefabricated houses is 8.5%. By the end of 2020, it will become an $11 million industry.

If you are intending to purchase a prefab house, go through the following cons of a prefab house.

So, you will come to know what to expect and how challenging the installation of a prefab house would be:

1. Challenges in the Assembly of Prefab House

For the assemblage of the house, homeowners must hire an experienced and trained prefab house contractor.

If workers do not possess any knowledge regarding the installation of a prefab house, your house could be built wrongly.

So, house assembly is the biggest challenge. It can cause potential lead damages, decrease energy efficiency, or the house.

It may also impact the lifespan of the house.

So, make sure to find the right contractor and hire him.

2. Challenges in the Transportation of the Prefab House

Homeowners may also undergo problems while transportation different pieces of the house.

Transportation of prefab house can be really expensive. It is especially true for people living in rural houses.

If you are purchasing a prefab house from a faraway prefab house contractor, think thrice.

3.  Higher Prices of Prefab House

Before you purchase the prefab house, make sure to know all details deeply.

There are some designs of prefab houses that are expensive.

So, read through the catalog and write down the per square feet price of a prefab house.

Only then you should finalize your prefab house.

4. Higher Rates of Utility Services

If the plot of the prefab house is located in a rural area, you may have to exert extra efforts for getting utility services.

Maybe some companies may find it difficult to set up utility facilities in a prefab house.

The wisdom is to set up all the utility services before you move into the house.

Otherwise, it will get really difficult for you.

5. Lesser Options of Customization

Homeowners cannot drill anywhere in a prefab house. So, they can make only limited additions to the beauty of the house.

Prefab houses cannot be customized like normal stick-built houses.


These are some challenges of the prefab houses.

So, think twice before finalizing your decisions and look into all of the above factors.