A prefab house is a building that is developed using prefabrication methods.

A prefab house consists of the units and components.

Workers assemble it as well as shift it to the on-site location for the construction of the house.

A prefab house structure assists in the quick construction of the house.

Most prefab houses have modern and contemporary designs. This is the main reason for their popularity.

History of the Prefabrication of Homes

A prefab home is not a new prefabrication method of house construction.

The journey towards modern-day prefab house began in the year 1642.

It was prefabricated half. It means that workers assembled it, shifted it and moved it from its place once.

In the West Indies, the idea of a portable and mobile prefab houses became also popular.

West Indians wanted to build prefab structures for hospitals.  

History’s first prefab house was manufactured in 1801.

The building was “The Manning Cottage”. Over the years, the use of prefab houses increased because of the benefits of prefab houses.  

Prefab houses were quite famous in the Second World War. Governments wanted huge hostels for the army personnel.

So, large manufacturing industries produced prefab homes.

Examples of the Prefab Homes

McDonald’s uses prefabricated structures for the construction of its building.

UK Supermarkets have also been manufactured using the best-quality modular unit system for shopping building.

How Long Do Prefab Homes Last?

Prefab homes have solid and sturdy construction.

The modern and durable prefab construction has decreased the death rate in the country.

If you are a real estate agent or a home buyer, you need to look at the prefab home structures for generating greater revenue in your career.

Besides looking at the price of the house, you should also look at the tendency of the house to appreciate in value over time.

Though prefab houses are modern, solid, sturdy, and affordable. Some investors doubt their durability and value.

Prefab houses are similar to traditional houses, which do not depreciate with time.

Prefab houses are popular as the residence house – not vehicles.

If workers installed prefab houses properly, they will last longer.

A prefab house, which strictly follows the HUD code, lasts from 40 years to 55 years.

Prefab houses also give protection to homeowners during bad weather.


Due to their solid construction, prefab houses will not move an inch during hurricanes or other natural disasters.

They can easily last for 30 years just like traditional homes.

So, prefab houses are the perfect solution.