Modular houses are the homes that engineers build in an off-site location.

Modular houses became more popular in the post-world war II era.

Due to the shortage of houses, many governments around the world ordered the construction of modular houses. Healthcare facilities, workforce, and student’s residence, etc. are made using the modular housing construction method.

How Long Do Modular Building Last?

This is a great question for the people who are intending to purchase a modular construction.

There are so many modular construction projects. Potential buyers can buy modular classrooms, storefront, warehouses, workforce, residence areas, etc. So, buyers make a major investment in modular buildings.

So, it is quite important to know the durability of the modular buildings.

Otherwise, all of your investment can go in vain. Let us understand the durability of the modular building here below:

a. Temporary Modular Building

There are temporary modular buildings, which are highly portable.

The average lifespan of a modular building is 25 to 30 years.

Temporary buildings are most suitable for workforce residence, student residence, or modular building manufacturing.

A modular building is a cost-effective strategy for business offices.

It is also a great option for accommodation of a school or a retail shop.

It is also evident here that most modular buildings can last more than 20 to 30 years.

But owners must maintain the modular buildings as well as upgrade them. Then, it can last a lifetime.

b. Permanent Modular Construction

If you have selected a permanent modular house building, it is a wise decision.

Permanent modular houses are quite similar to stick-built houses.

These buildings also meet the state and local codes requirements of the place.

Each manufacturer complies with the double-wide and single-story modular house construction laws.

The permanent modular house can last from 35 years to 50 years.

It can also last centuries if the manufacturer has used top-quality material.

You can also build long-lasting modular houses to withstand weather elements.

Some areas expect hurricanes, high winds, and high rains.

Robust, solid and long-lasting modular houses stand the harshness of weather, seismic activities as well as corrosion.

Therefore, modular construction is giving good competition to the construction industry.


The entire lifespan of the modular building depends on the proper installation and maintenance.

An inspection into the installed framework of the modular building should be done now and then.