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JM container house is widely used for construction site dorm,office,classroom,home,warehouse,shop, hotel,canteen,booth,etc.

We provide one-stop service including prefab homes and related accessories like shower,toilet,washbasin,etc.

 Prefab is the Revival of Consturction!

When it comes to building homes, hospitals, and hotels, “time is money.

Prefabricated container house will be the key to meeting your demand……


Why Choose Container House

Container House is a specific type of prefabrication. It is prefabricated off-site in the factory,with a steel structure as the main body and EPS insulation panel as roof and wall. The mainframe, roof and floor are made in the factory in advance so installation on site can be easy and time-saving.

Speed —Up to 50% time saving on construction over traditional building techniques.

Quality—Manufacturing in a factory results in greater precision comparing construction on site.


Flexibility– Modulars can be linked together to make more space vertically and horizontally.


Less labor— Assembly require less labor than conventional construction; Less cost overall.




















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Detachable Container House

Products Features:

1.Can be easily disassembled and packed into shipping containers or trucks for transportation.

2Can be installed in a short time assembled by bolts with a high intensity.

3.All container house has good insulation performance: sound insulation & fire-resistant etc.

Mission & Vision

Who We Are

Our company is a large-scale prefabricated modular housing manufacturer integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, construction and installation.The company gathers senior management talents in the field of design, technology, engineering, and operation, adhering to the concept of standardization, modularization and innovation. Product range includes Flat Pack Container House, Detachable Container House,K type Container House, Light Steel Villa,etc.


250,000 ,000


Base Investment

6700 m²




Staff and


70,000 sets/year




JM container house is widely used for construction site dorm,office 

,classroom,home,warehouse,shop, hotel,canteen,booth,etc.


Optimal Product Selection

One-stop solution service is available. Optimal materials and accessories(shower,toilet,washbasin) according to your project type and budget.

Layout of your house

No matter it is a quick sketch or a layout by 3Ds Max, we always make the house easily understood and followed;YOU name it,we make it done.

Your House Can Be Extended/Spacious

Modular prefab houses can be linked vertically and horizontally to make more space.YOU will be inspired and benefit from its flexibility to make your ideal house.

Prefab House Knowledge

Hands-on experience enables us to offer YOU thorough knowledge on container house function, insulation, outdoor performance and workmanship,etc.

Quick Response and Detail-oriented

“Time is Money”.YOU get our in-time response and  details involved. Email, whatsApp,Wechat available for quick contact.

Installation Support

Domestic projects gives rich assembly experience to both commercial and residential house building overseas; YOU will get complete material list for each frame and parts and installation

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