Contemporary designs of modular homes have evolved in the past few years.

Presently, the prefab houses can compete with the stick-built houses in a great many ways.

The overall quality of the prefab houses has also increased to a greater extent.

Prefab houses also adhere to the local building codes and zoning laws.

Homeowners have also started preferring prefab houses. Many reasons support the decision of homeowners in favor of prefab houses.

Following we have put up a review of the prefab houses, which will give us a holistic review of the pros and cons of modular homes:

Pros of the Prefab Houses:

1. Energy Efficient Prefab Houses

One of the advantages of prefabricated houses is that they are energy-efficient.

The prefab houses have tight seams as well as state of the art windows.

It keeps heat inside the prefab house, which also reduces energy bills.

So, prefabricated houses are elegant and modern houses that cut down your carbon footprint.

2. Fast-Paced Construction

Fast-paced construction the prefab houses is one of the greatest benefits.

Prefab houses are constructed in off-site construction. These houses are shifted to the main location later.

Proper assembly takes place at the main site. This is why; these houses have the proper name “modular houses”.

It becomes easier for the workers to connect and build partially constructed prefab houses into a house.

It means that prefab houses offer a chance for homeowners to construct houses quickly.

So, workers can build the house easily without fearing weather change or taking into account other vulnerabilities.

Homeowners also do not have to keep visiting the house every other day.

3. Affordable

Prefab houses are more affordable than stick-built homes. The stick-built homes cost 10%-25% more than prefab houses.

It is a general rule of thumb that prefab houses cost less than stick-built homes.

Prefab houses are also considered as residence houses – not vehicles.

So, prefab houses are the perfect choices for homeowners who would like to build a house on their own.

Cons of the Prefab Houses

a. Soil Testing, and Other Coding Requirements

In a housing society, homeowners must check whether society allows the construction of the house or not.

Homeowners must comply with housing codes and zoning laws.

b. Utilities Setup

This is one of the greatest disadvantages of prefab houses. They should check about utilities setup permission and availability.

Bottom Line

Keeping the above review in mind, we conclude that prefab houses are worth it. There are only a few manageable cons of the prefab houses.